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It could be a professional hairstylist , beginner or only a parent who wants to save some money by cutting his own children’s hair. This instructional package contains four videos of more than an hour each. Each video will teach you a different type of basic haircut.

You will learn the basic fundamentals in giving a professional haircut, after learning the fundamentals you will develop your own special technique. Like the musician or artist, they all learn the same basics or fundamental and later with practice and experience, they develop their own special technique.

How do I become a Professional haircutter?

To become a professional haircutter, hairdresser or barber you will need a license as evidence that you have received proper training. To obtain your license you must enter any beauty or barber school that is approved from the department of education. After you graduate and receive your diploma, you will submit an application with the department of licensing of your state. Along with your diploma of beauty or barber school, you will need your high school diploma to submit your application.

How will the exam for my license be?

There will be two exams: One written and another practical, which will be given separately. After you summit your application you will receive a letter with the date of your first examination, along with a detailed instructional guide regarding procedures that will take place.

Can I work without a license?

No. Every state has different laws. In most states it is illegal to work in a business without a license.

What will happen if someone employs me even if I do not have a license?

Most states send in inspectors to investigate shops to make sure the employees are legit and have their license. If you work and are hired without a license you, along with your employer, will each be at risk of paying a $500.00 dollar fine. The price of the fine will vary depending on the state.

Do I need a license to cut hair at home?

No, as long as you do not turn it into a public business.
After I enter barber or beauty school, how long will it take for me to give my first haircut?
With my video you can start immediately! If you wait to go through the schooling process, it is much slower. You have to learn the process of cutting hair by first analyzing and orally discussing the procedures of cutting hair. It could take a while before you your self can do the actual cutting. Depending on the school, I would estimate you will start cutting hair within two to three months.

Will you be creating more videos on haircutting in the future?

Yes, a volume two will be coming out soon.

Do you cut straight hair the same way you cut curly hair?

It depends. When you cut curly hair with a clipper shorter than two inches, it is cut the same way as straight hair. However, when curly hair is cut with scissors longer then two inches it is cut a little different. I will be making a video all on curly hair soon. (??)

If I have any additional questions, can I contact you?

Of course! You can contact me at help@giveyourfirsthaircut.com.









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